The Fifth Wall Presents: The Harry houdini trap

Assemble your friends, family, or co-workers and experience a marvelous room built to test the greatest escape artist in history. Recently discovered and previously sealed off from the world in an undisclosed location in Detroit, The Fifth Wall Society has painstakingly moved every brick, door, and box of this wonderful mystery to its field office in Ferndale.

Now, we ask you and your team to help us solve the riddles that await you inside The Harry Houdini Trap.

Now Open

The Sly Fox

It was known as a cozy Italian eatery to take the family or meet business partners for lunch; that was before . . . before the most notorious missing persons case in American history.

You and your team will travel back to suburban Detroit in 1975 to investigate the undiscovered evidence scattered within the confines of The Sly Fox.

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Weirder stuff

1986 was, like, a totally different world than it is today. Before we had our noses buried in our smart phones, we went out and did stuff. But this is the kinda stuff that might have been best avoided . . .

Nobody ever spoke to the quiet guy in cubicle FA-221b. He seemed innocent enough. But everything changes when you and your co-workers are invited as dinner guests at his home. But do dinners usually start out in a room the size of a broom closet?

If American Psycho or Stranger Things appeal to you, then get ready for some Weirder Stuff

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