General Questions About Our Escape Rooms

+/- What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a new type of social entertainment. Think of them as theatrically immersive puzzle games where you and your family or friends work together to solve a mystery. It's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening and will certainly give you something to talk about afterward!

+/- How long will it last?

The Houdini Trap, and Weirder Stuff last for 60 minutes, but plan on being here 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. There is an introductry video beforehand and pictures and talking after. Be sure to set aside at least 90 minutes for the whole experience.

The Purple Gang lasts for 30 minutes, but plan on arriving at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

+/- Will my group be paired with strangers?


In order to have a private experience, you will need to book the entire room. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that you won't be with someone you don't know.

If it helps, we have found that groups of strangers sometimes make the best teams, and it's a great way to meet new people!


When you book The Purple Gang, you are booking the whole room for your group alone. You WILL NOT be paired with strangers.

+/- Am I really locked in a room?

Technically, no. The real idea behind our "escape rooms" is about solving a mystery and a series of puzzles in under 60 minutes. If you're successful, you "escape the room." You are free to leave the experience at any time, but if you do, you won't be able to return to the game.

+/- Is there a minimum age limit?


We suggest a minimum age of twelve years old due to a somewhat spooky and scary atmosphere.


We suggest a minimum age of eight years old due to the nature and complexity of the puzzles. Younger children may attend, but they might not enjoy the experience as much as the older kids.


Fun for all ages and a great introductory escape game.

We also require that at least one paying adult attends for every four children under 16.

16 and up are welcome to go it alone!

+/- Can I do the room solo?


There are so many puzzles and so much going on in Weirder Stuff that a single player will end up frustrated. Like The Houdini Trap, a group of at least four would be ideal.


it is literally impossible for a single player to escape The Houdini Trap alone. Many of the puzzles REQUIRE the coordination of a team to complete. Please bring a friend or five.


It is possible to escape The Purple Gang alone.

+/- Are the rooms dark and scary?

WEIRDER STUFF has elements that some players may find spooky or scary. Please keep this in mind before booking this game.

THE HOUDINI TRAP is fully lit and not at all scary. It's fun and exciting for players of any age!

THE PURPLE GANG isn't scary.

None of the rooms have any "jump scares" and should not be confused with haunted houses. The focus is on puzzles, not on fright.

+/- Should I bring anything with me in the room?

No. Just comfortable clothing. Cell phones or other devices are not allowed in the room. You may safely stow your coat, devices, and other belongings in the The Fifth Wall Escape Games' lobby during your adventure.

+/- Do I need to know anything about Houdini or The Purple Gang to escape?

No! There are no puzzles in the room that require "prior knowledge" to solve. Every puzzle solution is contained within the room, so no need to study before arriving! Just be prepared to have fun!